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customer-friendly post purchase strategy automatically tailored to your store.

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Predict when products will be repurchased

Automatically sync all your products and product information from your store. Konvo analyzes the historical order data and customer behavior to learn:

  • The typical time between orders of the same product
  • Individual customer product order habits
  • Which products naturally go together for which groups of people

Sync your subscription data and Konvo won’t contact anyone with an active subscription.



Build a habit on the customer’s schedule

Konvo reminds customers to repurchase based on the products the person ordered and the individual customer’s usage of the product. Konvo intelligently batches repurchases of multiple products into a single reminder so customers aren’t bombarded with messages.



Provide a concierge-like experience

Using Conversational AI via SMS, allow customers to:

  • Provide product feedback
  • Ask simple product and brand questions
  • Change product quantities
  • Add/remove items from their cart
  • Reschedule repurchase reminders to any date of their choosing

PP_PTCIC_Msg (2)


Expand beyond your flagship products.

Konvo suggests related and new products to customers when they are in the mindset to try new products and purchase. Konvo keeps the recommendations relevant and responds to customer feedback.


Understand and utilize customer data

Konvo’s detailed analytics and insights allow brands to track outreach and performance, as well as:

  • Quickly see which products are being repurchased most often
  • Interpret the conversations your customers are having around repurchase
  • Enrich Shopify customer profiles with customer-specific insights gathered through conversations

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Integrate with your
existing tools

  • Products come from and payments go through your existing store
  • Connect to Customer Support platforms like Zendesk and Gorgias
  • Optionally connect to your SMS marketing platform like Postscript, Attentive or Klaviyo