Konvo powers thousands of positive shopping experiences everyday

We take the hard work out of driving repeat purchases for CPG marketers.

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How we got the Konvo started

Since 2018, we've been big on helping brands leverage the power of AI to improve their overall customer experience. However, after working with so many marketers and on all aspects of their SMS programs, we discovered a greater need for brands to escape the "one and done" purchase rut with their customers. Today, we’re grateful to be helping power the next generation of forward-thinking brands to grow their loyal customer bases.

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We care about authenticity and results

From who we hire, to how we work, and what we build – we measure our efforts against the bar of “is this better for real people?” We’ve got PhDs in machine learning and marketing strategists with years of experience - but the common thread is that we’re constant learners, always seeking to improve in everything we do.

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