How Luxie increased their Repurchase Rate by +20%

Since 2014, Luxie has provided high-quality synthetic makeup brushes that are entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and built from the best components sourced from around the world. With a wide array of cosmetic tools, Luxie has grown into a global brand that is committed to constantly innovating, striving to deliver flawless perfection.

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“It is exciting to see our customers re-engage and respond to us. We've deepened our understanding of their relationships to our brushes and we can act on these insights through the rest of our marketing. Helping customers get rid of expired products and putting new ones in their hands is a huge win for us because it ensures that the customer is getting the best results out of the products they love.”

chuck Cantrell
- Chuck Cantrell
VP of eCommerce, Luxie

The Problem

Luxie needed a new way to start engaging with customers to reduce the risk of customers tuning out their messaging.  Their challenge was knowing which brushes an individual customer needed to replace and a general consumer perception that brushes don't have expiration dates. Add to that an extensive product catalog and customers spread across the globe, Luxie knew they needed a personalized solution that could engage with customers at scale.



The Solution

Via Konvo’s Shopify integration Luxie synced their entire product catalog and customer purchase history to automatically build personal replenishment journeys without extra lift from their marketing team. Konvo’s natural language and conversational capabilities enabled Luxie to give their customers an easy way to state their preferences and adapt their personal replenishment programs in real time.

The Results

More conversions than previous replenishment flows

Increase in repeat AOV

Engagement Rate

Opt-out Rate